Dual-Fuel Drilling Rig Conversions Utilise Field Gas

| USA, The Woodlands TX
Thigpen field gas refuelling

Thigpen field gas refuelling

Having converted over 80 dual-fuel drilling rigs and pressure pumping spreads in the United States, TRF Energy Solutions is drawing attention to a different fuel option—field gas that is readily available, abundant, and an inexpensive fuel source for drill rigs and pressure pumping spreads.

With oil and diesel neck-and-neck at around $2.00 a gallon, field gas can be captured for high horsepower fuel at roughly 40% of the cost of current diesel prices, depending on location. TRF explains fueling with field gas — gas sourced directly from the well — can be tricky as it may contain impurities that can affect the efficiency of high horsepower engines, and especially liquids that can damage engines if not treated correctly.

TRF Energy Solutions provides a fully integrated system to capture and process gas for HHP fueling. “We are a true all-fuels provider, unlike any other,” said Sam Thigpen, CEO of TRF Energy Solutions. “If you want to fuel a pressure-pumping spread on field gas, we are uniquely qualified after completing over 2,500 stages over the past couple of years.”

(Source: TRF Energy Solutions)

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