DSME Expects Dual-Fuel to Dominate New Project Builds

| Korea, Seoul

On September 17th, DSME won new orders for two dual-fuel 173,000 ~ 180,000㎥ LNG carriers with BW Group (formerly Bergesen Worldwide). These LNGCs possess the MAN ME-GI engine and PRS (Partial Re-liquefaction System) which was invented by DSME’s own technology team.

The PRS system has reduced the cost of vessel maintenance by utilizing the vaporized LNG gas in the cargo hold as a refrigerant thereby making the need for additional power sources and refrigerant compressors unnecessary.

As one of the major companies in the LNG carrier market, DSME sees BW’s decision to choose the ME-GI LNG carrier as especially noteworthy. DSME expects that natural gas fuel propulsion systems will be adopted for almost all following new project builds.

MAN also sees significant opportunities arising for gas-fuelled tonnage as fuel prices rise and modern exhaust-emission limits tighten. According to MAN, previous research indicates that the ME-GI engine, when combined with exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and waste-heat recovery (WHR) technologies, delivers significant reductions in CO2, NOx and SOx emissions fulfilling Tier II and Tier III regulations.

(Source: DSME)

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