Downsizing of Natural Gas Engine Delivers 69 g/km

| Germany

Fuel efficiency is central to a new natural gas engine being developed in Germany by Meta Motoren-und Energie-Technik GmbH (Meta). Developers are working on a concept for a compact class natural gas engine that produces 66 kW (90 hp), consuming 2.5 kilograms of natural gas per 100 km only. This would correspond to a CO2 emissions of just 69 grams per kilometer on CNG and almost nil using biomethane. It is anticipated the Meta engine will emulate the performance and running smoothness of comparable diesel and gasoline engines.

Spokespersons from Meta say such low CO2 emissions from a petrol engine would be novelty, with the current record being 87 grams per kilometer held by a 55 kW diesel engine. Running costs for the engine would be below EUR 2 (USD 2.93) per 100 kms.

Daniel Rieth, head of Product Management for erdgas mobil, explained to NGV Global News the Meta Downsizing Concept (MDC), uses an MSC (Meta Super Charger) and a Meta CRE System (Crankshaft Rotation Equalizer). Based on the Meta-owned technology the 2-piston-engine will be about 25-35% lighter compared to conventional combustion engines of the same performance; it will be highly charged and optimized regarding efficiency.

This article primarily compiled using information from an erdgas mobil press item.

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  1. Daniel says:

    Considering natural gas is more resistant to pre-ignition it can even hold more boost from a turbo or a supercharger, increasing the efficiency. Also this engine layout allows a better low-end torque, being more suitable for a vehicle slightly larger than its 4cyl counterpart was intended to fit into.