Doosan Engine Commercializes World’s 1st Dual-fuel Low-speed Engine for Ships

| Korea, Seoul
Artist's rendering of new TOTE ship propulsion system in cutaway close-up. (Image: NASSCO)

Artist’s rendering of new TOTE ship propulsion system in cutaway close-up. (Image: NASSCO)

Staged supply for 5 container ships ordered by TOTE (U.S.A.) from 2014

Doosan Engine has successfully commercialized its electronically-controlled dual-fuel low-speed ship engine that can use both Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and heavy oil, and signed a contract to supply the engine to a U.S. shipping company.

The electronically-controlled dual-fuel engine produced by Doosan Engine is powered by LNG, which is cheaper than heavy oil, as its primary fuel, and heavy oil as a supplementary fuel, and thus significantly reduces ship operating costs among other advantages. The engine is also considered a next-generation, eco-friendly engine that dramatically reduces the emission of pollutants such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and sulfur compounds.

Electronically-controlled dual-fuel low-speed engines have been introduced at several demonstration events in Korea and overseas over the years, but Doosan is the first company in the world to apply and commercialize the concept in an actual finished project.

Doosan Engine will supply dual-fuel, low-speed engines, each with an output of 35,600 horsepower, to five 3,100-TEU container ships ordered by TOTE of the U.S. under a general supply contract with DSEC, a subsidiary of Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME), located in Busan, South Korea.

Doosan Engine has also succeeded in commercializing a dual-fuel, mid-speed engine for power generators, and is set to supply three such engines for the power generators of three of the container ships for which it will also supply the low-speed engine.

Sang-rok Lim chief marketing officer at Doosan Engine, said, “Doosan Engine produced and supplied the world’s first electronically-controlled low-speed engine back in 2003, and now the Company has won another order for electronically-controlled dual-fuel, low-speed engine for the first time in the world, as well as earning recognition for its top-rated technology in the large-size vessel engine industry.”

Doosan Engine is a global integrated manufacturer of engines that is primarily engaged in the production of mid- to low-speed engines, the sale of engine parts and related services, and the inland diesel power generation business. It has been manufacturing up-to-the-date engines on a rigid cooperative system with licensor MAN Diesel and Turbo since 1983.

(Source: Doosan)

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