Dongguan City Replaces Diesel Buses with LNG

| China, Dongguan

King Long buses for Dongguan CityDongguan City bus company, in Guangdong province on the South China Sea coast, received 210 liquified natural gas (LNG) buses in March, all of which are now operating to enhance the city’s public transportation and the environment. 100 units of King Long XMQ6106G buses and 110 units of XMQ6931G delivered so far are components of a total order for 262 King Long LNG buses.

By the end of 2015, Dongguan City plans to replace all high-emission buses. On Jan. 13th 2013, the local government in Dongguan City released the subsidy project on the new LNG buses. Each bus will get 70,000 Yuan (USD 11,400) subsidy. It is estimated that Dongguan City will invest 800 million Yuan (USD 130 million) to complete the project.

Comparing to the traditionally operated diesel buses in Dongguan City, the new energy buses have its obvious advantage with emissions, reducing carbon monoxide by 97%, carbon dioxide by 24% and sulfur dioxide by 90%.

(Source: King Long)

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