Dominican Republic CNG Implementation Program Officially Launched

| Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic’s President Leonel Fernandez has launched the Program for the Implementation of the use of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), which is part of the measures announced by the president in March. As part of the program Industry and Trade Minister Manuel García Arévalo explained that the government is providing NGV development through the granting of 65 new licenses to operate 3 companies importing equipment, 20 conversion workshops and 42 new gas stations.

He explained that contrary to the market volatility of conventional oil, the price stability that has traditionally characterized natural gas due to the wide availability of global reserves located in politically stable regions ensures reliability and predictability in terms of prices for the Dominican Republic.

The first stage of the Natural Gas conversion of public transport vehicles will start in June through 35 workshops that will carry out authorized conversions to CNG of the first 5000 cars of a targeted 20 000 before the end of this governance.

This article compiled using information from the Dominican Republic, Directorate of Information, Press and Publicity Chair.

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