Dominican Republic Celebrates 4000th Natural Gas Vehicle

| Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic’s Director of Non-Conventional Energy, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Engineer Salvador Rivas celebrated his country’s 4,000th vehicle converted to operate using compressed natural gas (CNG), in a special ceremony last week. The milestone vehicle was a Peugeot Clio 2002. “This is a sign that the natural gas program being implemented by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, under the direction of the Minister García Arévalo, is progressing”, stressed Engineer Rivas.

The Dominican Republic is striving to build integrity and safety into its CNG refueling infrastructure. Controls are in place at CNG dispensers to ensure that each vehicle presenting for refuelling is properly authorised, otherwise fuel will be refused. “That gives assurance to people that we really are doing a program that is worthwhile and offers security”, Rivas added. The fully automated system excludes any type of illegal practices or facilities, workshops and unauthorized equipment which are not duly authorised by the Ministry.

Additionally, the government has carried out an “exhaustive study” to ensure the best quality CNG cylinders have been used, fully compliant with international standards.

(This article compiled using information from a Ministry of Industry and Trade press release)

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