DNV GL Undertakes EU Study for Deployment of LNG as Alt-Fuel

| Norway, Stavanger

CoreLNG Project image - Iberian Peninsula LNGDNV GL is undertaking a new study on the LNG market in the EU as part of its efforts to drive the development of an EU-wide network of LNG refuelling points. By doing so it seeks to address challenges to the pace of LNG bunkering development and demand for LNG as a fuel.

The market study is being carried out on behalf of the CORE LNGas hive project which is co-funded by the European Commission. The research aims to develop a safe and efficient, integrated logistics and supply chain for LNG in the transport industry (small-scale and bunkering), particularly for maritime transport off the Iberian Peninsula. With a total estimated budget of more than EUR33 million, the six-year project is scheduled for completion in December 2020.

The results of the project, coordinated by Enagas, will provide recommendations for the Spanish and Portuguese National Policy Frameworks for alternative fuels supply infrastructure, and will prepare the roll-out plan for future commercial deployment along the Mediterranean and Atlantic corridors of the Iberian Peninsula.

The CORE LNGas hive project follows another project recently delivered by DNV GL for the EU providing recommendations on how to address barriers to wider adoption of LNG as fuel.

One of the obstacles to the accelerated uptake is the uncertainty regarding its availability. “DNV GL has already developed new analytical techniques for assessment, services, standards and recommended practices for the LNG sector and has supported the safe development and operation of 35% of the world’s LNG plants. Our experience shows that more shipowners would consider LNG as fuel if reliable information on LNG availability was easily accessible.”

DNV GL LNG Interactive Map for Bunkering Mar2016

DNV GL shares market intelligence with the online tool, LNGi.

This demand for more knowledge and insight is being addressed with DNV GL’s online tool, LNGi, introduced in March this year. This provides comprehensive and up-to-date information on worldwide LNG bunkering availability and market data on LNG as fuel for ships.

LNG Bunker RP Updated

In order to continue meeting and supporting the market in its growing demand for cleaner fuels and versatile LNG applications, DNV GL has updated the Recommended Practice (RP) for development and operation of LNG bunkering facilities (DNVGL-RP-G105). The RP provides the first industry guidance on how to perform quality measurements and quantity metering of LNG fuel supply. This enables the industry to understand the business impact of proper fiscal measurement.

The update is a key driver for the monetization of small-scale LNG distribution and infrastructure to support the development of a more transparent and compatible market and to safeguard sustainable growth.

(Source: DNV GL)

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