DHL Makes CNG Alternative Fuel of Choice in UAE

United Arab Emirates

Under the slogan ‘we travel naturally', DHL Worldwide has announced plans to add compressed natural gas powered vans (CNGs) to its UAE express delivery fleet, leading the efforts in the country towards alternative fuel vehicles. With natural gas continuing to develop as an alternative fuel of choice, and a forecast of 20% natural gas share of road traffic fuel consumption in the UAE by 2012, the express and logistics leader is putting two environmentally-friendly units through a pilot testing phase as part of a plan to expand its UAE natural gas fleet in the coming years.

DHL UAE General Manager, Janet Jweihan commented: "It's our intention
to make our business as safe on the environment as possible and we are
committed to operating in an environmentally sound manner. We will
endeavor to ensure natural gas vehicles account for at least 50 percent
of DHL express delivery fleet in the UAE by 2009 after the testing
phase reaches it's outlined goals."

Gasoline and diesel powered vehicles contribute to 80% of air pollution in the UAE followed by factories, a recent study conducted by
the Strategic Planning Department for Transport at the Roads and
Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai revealed.

"Particulates in regular engine emissions are believed to cause serious
health problems. Thus, in the long run, CNGs will help reduce the UAE's
transportation sector emissions in specific and support a better
environment in general," Jweihan added.

Given its availability, natural gas has become the environmentally
friendly transportation technology of choice globally and a number of
factors make express delivery fleet vehicles the prime target for this
increasingly sought-after energy source. With air quality a concern for
all, CNGs are cleaner than conventional vehicles, more cost efficient
in terms of operations and much quieter. In addition, they contribute
to the reduction in pollution by particles and a reduction of
greenhouse gas emissions. The testing phase units have been transformed
from diesel operating vans into natural gas ones by Al Naboodah

DHL UAE was recently upgraded to ISO 14001 accreditation, the
internationally recognised standard for Environmental Management
Systems (EMS), after continuous extensive improvements. Developments
included advanced staff training to raise environmental awareness, as
well as publishing DHL's environmental policy as part of the parent
company DPWN's first sustainability report in June 2006, setting clear
environmental objectives and targets.