DENN Builds Biggest Necking-In Machine Tool for Type I Cylinder Manufacture

| Spain, Barcelona

DENN Type-ICylinder necking-in machineIndustria Puigjaner SA, an engineering company based in Barcelona and manufacturer of ‘DENN’ machine tools, has introduced a newly designed heavy duty CNC tube necking-in machine which they believe to be the largest machine in the world for tubes neck-in operations. The first of these machines has been sold to Tenaris, international supplier of tubes and related services.

The machine is currently being assembled at DENN premises in Barcelona (Spain) and a try-out will be conducted early December before installing the machine at the Tenaris manufacturing facility in Italy.

DENN large Type-I Cylinder necking-in machine for TenarisThe necking-in machine is capable of producing Type 1 cylinders with diameters of 323-711 mm, length of 1 m to 13.6 m and thickness from 8 mm up to 40 mm.

DENN also manufactured the previous largest necking-in machine with the diameter capacity of 660 mm, 12 meters length and 35 mm thickness, which was sold to a Chinese customer.


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