Denmark Energy Agreement Includes Transport Provisions

| Denmark

Denmark has adopted an Energy Agreement (March 22) that focuses on energy savings throughout society and promotes renewable energy in all sectors. Better framework conditions of biogas expansion will be implemented, including the integration of biogas (biomethane) into the natural gas grid for the transport sector, made financially more attractive by introducing a series of new funding schemes and capital installation subsidies.

In the long term, the transport sector will face a radical conversion from fossil fuels to electricity and biofuels. The agreement contains the following elements:

  • preparation of an overall strategy for the promotion of energy-efficient vehicles,
  • subsidies of a total of DKK 70 million are to be earmarked for recharging stations for electric cars, infrastructure for hydrogen as well as infrastructure for gas in heavy transport,
  • fuels must contain 10% biofuels in 2020.

Complete financing of all the new energy policy initiatives has been secured.

(This article compiled using information from the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building)


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