Demand for Bestobell HP Cryogenic Valves Linked to MAN ME-GI Engine Sales

| United Kingdom, Sheffield

 High Pressure Fuel Gas Valves for DSME & SHIBestobell Marine, supplier of cryogenic globe and check valves for ships, will supply valves for pump and vapouriser skids used in high pressure fuel gas systems for MAN ME-GI engines for six LNG carriers being built at DSME shipyard and two LNG carriers being built at SHI shipyard. The company says the order represent a significant upturn in demand for high pressure cryogenic valves for this application.

Sales Director Duncan Gaskin explains: “With the introduction of the MAN ME-GI engine two years ago and with now over one hundred sold it is driving a rapid increase in demand for high pressure cryogenic valves needed for fuel gas systems. Bestobell Marine is playing a major role in meeting the challenge created by this demand with its new range of high pressure valves, and these orders have really put Bestobell Marine at the forefront of this new sector.”

The Bestobell Marine HP cryogenic globe valves will be fitted in the pipework downstream of the high pressure pumps and will play a vital part in managing the fuel gas supply to the engine. BBM has developed a bespoke range of HP cryogenic globe valves to meet the exacting standards required of the valves for these new fuel gas systems, and that can tolerate the high pressures. The valves are designed to stand a maximum pressure of 370 Bar, and Bestobell Marine is also developing another range of valves that can operate up to a maximum pressure of 625Bar.

Bestobell Marine already has an extensive reference list of projects they are involved in and has previously received orders for its high pressure valves to be installed on the five Teekay LNG carriers being built at DSME shipyard and two Knutsen LNG carriers being built at HHI shipyard.

(Source: Bestobell Marine)

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