Dedicated “Natural Gas Day” at 2012 Oil&nonoil

| Italy, Modena

As a mark of the strength of the natural gas vehicles segment in Italy, and for Europe in general, Italy’s Oil&nonoil conference and exhibition has dedicated a full day of debate and investigation into the future of natural gas fuel, with special attention to its ecological qualities and its economic and social advantages. In cooperation with Assogasmetano, Federmetano and NGV System Italia, the “Natural Gas Day” will be held at the Modena Fiere Exhibition Centre on May 14.

How many motorway service stations will distribute natural gas in two years time? What does the future hold for liquefied natural gas? What is the potential of bio natural gas (biomethane)? When is it convenient for public and private fleets and waste collection companies to have an internal distributor of natural gas? These and other questions will be answered at the event.

The program, available at the end of March, will aim to highlight the need for an energy policy that seeks to achieve 20% of transportation for goods and people operating on natural gas, not only to reduce urban pollution but also to reduce the dependence on oil and therefore ensure safe energy supplies by diversifying sources. Studies will also be presented that will indicate how the fleet of vehicles powered by natural gas in urban centres can lead to a drastic reduction in polluting factors, significantly reducing respiratory illnesses and therefore healthcare spending.

Italy currently has around 850 natural gas service stations servicing more than 750,000 natural gas vehicles (NGVs).

Event date – More details on NGV Global’s list of industry events webpage.

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