Dats 24 to Extend Belgian CNG Refuelling Network

| Belgium, Halle | Source: De Lloyd

Belgian automated gas station pioneer Dats 24, part of the Colyrut Group and based in Halle, opened its first public compressed natural gas (CNG) fuelling station in Halle in March last year. Now the company is well on the way to building a nationwide network with four stations already in operation and plans to increase that number to 15 within the year, reports De Lloyd.

Apart from Halle, CNG stations are operating in Anderlecht, Ninove and Antwerp. A license has been granted for a station at Roeselare and applications have been submitted for CNG outlets at Lochristi, Lovendegem, Melle, Wevelgem and Overijse.

“Driving with CNG reduces emissions of particulate matter by 95% compared to diesel or petrol. Some days ago a Flanders Environmental Report showed that fine dust is the most damaging for health. No less than 75% of health damage is from particulate matter causes,” Jan de Rom, press officer for the Colyrut Group, reportedly said.

CNG operation also delivers other benefits, reducing CO2 emissions, soot and noise when compared with diesel and gasoline vehicles.

“In Europe, more than 1 million cars drive on natural gas, especially in Germany where there are over 900 stations where natural gas can be refueled. By expanding the network, we think we can also bring about a green change in Belgium,” said de Rom.

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