Datrans Chooses Volvo FH LNG Tractors for 24-hour Transportation

| The Netherlands: Wanssum | Source: Volvo Trucks

FH LNG tractors for transport company datransDatrans Netherlands from Wanssum, a village in the Dutch province of Limburg, has added two Volvo FH 420 LNG 4×2 tractors to its fleet. The transport company wants to make a contribution to cleaner transport. The decisive factor in choosing to invest in Volvo LNG trucks now is the fact that no Maut (truck toll) has to be paid in Germany.

Datrans Netherlands specializes in transport from and to Switzerland. “In Germany, no Maut has to be paid for LNG trucks up to and including 2020, which makes it interesting for us to purchase these trucks now,” says Laura Hagens of Datrans Netherlands.

“We make the bulk of our mileage in Germany. We take the LNG trucks to Cologne every morning where we link five trailers at the container terminal. They then travel by train to Weil am Rhein, on the border of Germany and Switzerland. In Cologne we are taking full trailers with us again that have to go this way.”

Optimal benefit from Maut advantage
Hagens also considers the LNG tractors very suitable for the relay system that the company uses. Trailers with goods that have to go to Switzerland in Schwegenheim (Germany) are coupled.

“That coupling means that a night driver drives a trailer from Wanssum to Switzerland. In Germany the driver puts down this trailer and mounts a trailer from Switzerland with things that have to go to the Netherlands. So he trucks are actually staffed 24 hours and drive as much as possible in Germany, where we take full advantage of the toll-advantage.”

Volvo FH LNG tractors for transport company datrans refuelingCO2 reduction
Datrans also sees the move to LNG trucks as an opportunity to reduce the CO2 footprint: “We are happy to contribute to a cleaner environment and these trucks emit 20% less CO2 than diesel trucks. When it came to orientation, Volvo came out as the best value for money and that’s why we chose Volvo trucks. ”

Safety and visibility
With a view to road safety, Volvo trucks are equipped as standard with safety options such as Forward Collision Warning with emergency brake function and Lane Keeping Support. In addition, these LNG trucks are also equipped with Adaptive Cruise Control and the Visibility Pro package, which ensures optimum visibility. The Visibility Pro package includes static bend lighting, headlight washers, rain sensor, automatic light switch and Bi-Xenon lighting.

Nebim collaboration
The Volvo LNG trucks were supplied by Volvo Trucks dealer Nebim in Venlo, which also takes care of service and maintenance. One of the access roads at Nebim Venlo is specially equipped to work safely on LNG trucks.

“We have been working with Nebim for some time and we are very satisfied with that,” says Hagens. “We have a maintenance contract for all our Volvo trucks. It is nice to be able to fall back on such a party. ”

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