Danser Recommissions the LNG-Converted Eiger-Nordwand Barge

| The Netherlands, Sliedrecht

Danser's Eiger-Nordwand recommissioned with LNGn2014The international containership company Danser Group last week celebrated the official recommissioning of the Eiger-Nordwand on the Maaskade in Rotterdam. For 8 weeks the push-tow combination was at Koedood Diesel Service in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht where the engines have been replaced by dual-fuel Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) engines from Wärtsilä. Danser says this makes the Eiger-Nordwand the first barge in the world that has been converted to LNG propulsion.

The conversion to LNG gives the Eiger-Nordwand great advantages in emissions reduction and savings in fuel costs compared to diesel. The emission of pollutants is greatly reduced: 20% less CO2, 85% less nitrogen and 99% less particulate matter.

Danser's Eiger-Nordwand LNG retrofit design014LNG-fuelled transportation via waterways is supported by the LNG Masterplan which aims to put natural gas to full scale use as a fuel for inland shipping on the Rhine-Main-Danube corridor.

The official recommissioning program started with speeches by Siebe Riedstra, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and Sophie Cabanis, policy officer at DG Move from the European Commission. In the presence of 400 relations, a panel discussion was held under the leadership of Paul van Liempt, during which the benefits of LNG as fuel, the development of LNG infrastructure and Danser Groups long-term vision on sustainability of the inland container transport per barge where discussed.

(Source: Danser Group)

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