Daewoo Opts to Build CNG Buses in Mexico

| Mexico, Ciudad Sahagún | Source: Automotive Mexico
A Daewoo CNG bus, model BS120CN

A Daewoo CNG bus, model BS120CN

Korean bus manufacturer Daewoo will enter fully into the Mexican market with plans announced by Adán José Lecona Guizar, Director General of Daewoo Bus México, to build a production plant in Ciudad Sahagún, Hidalgo, located approx. 92 kms northeast of Mexico City. According to a report published by Automotive Mexico, Daewoo has partnered with American Coach de México (AMC) and the Hidalgo plant will be built adjacent to AMC’s existing facilities.

The plant is planned to go into operation in 2015 following a reported investment of USD 30 million by Daewoo. Occupying 6 hectares, the plant will initially employ 180 workers on the production line and about 15 managerial staff.

Lecona Guizar says Daewoo Mexico will bring its expertise in the manufacture of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses to Mexico, looking to capture market share in the Country’s growing adoption of natural gas fuelled public transportation vehicles.

As reported, “We predict we will sell 300 units in our first year,” he said. “We are betting on the urban bus being powered by a compressed natural gas engine. Daewoo has a wealth of experience in natural gas, which will be our competitive advantage in Mexico.”

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