D-GID Light ECU Converts Diesel Vehicles to Dual Fuel

| Italy, Alessandria

Ecomotive Solutions - D-GID LIGHT ECUEcomotive Solutions, an engine calibration manufacturer and Holdim group company, has introduced the new d-gid Light ECU that converts diesel cars into dual fuel vehicles. The electronic management system is designed to power diesel engines with a dynamic controlled mix of diesel and gas (natural gas, biomethane or LPG).

Ecomotive Solutions’ d-gid Light ECU uses sophisticated algorithms that are able to carry out a dynamic check of the quantity of diesel fuel consumed, substituting around 50-55% of it with natural gas, the most environmentally-friendly of alternative fuels. This means the vehicle’s CO2 emissions are significantly reduced and refuelling costs cut, without altering its performance.

It transforms the diesel vehicle, preserving its original features and without compromising its performance, and is described as an alt-fuel solution for drivers who want to save on their vehicle’s management costs without negatively impacting the environment. Installation is non-invasive.

Ecomotive Solutions aims to optimise the environmental characteristics of the fleet of diesel vehicles in circulation, arguing that diesel is being branded the biggest source of air pollution in our cities. D-gid Light, conceived as a means of renewing the fleet currently in circulation, offers a concrete solution that can be adopted by millions of drivers straight away.

Ecomotive Solutions, a member of NGV Italy and associate member of NGV Global, has obtained approval for the conversion of cars and light commercial vehicles up to the EURO 6 category (from 1496cc to 3741cc, weighing less than 3.5 tons) from diesel to dual fuel. Approval was issued by the Italian Ministry of Transport and applies to both natural gas and LPG-powered dual fuel vehicles.

(Source: Ecomotive Solutions)

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