Czech Republic Reaches 100 CNG Stations

| Czech Republic, Prague
Czech Vitall CNG on DI opens Oct2015

CNG station opened in October

In the Czech Republic, thirty one new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) stations have been opened this year, the latest of which is being celebrated as the country’s 100th station. Furthermore, according to a Czech Gas Association press release, the rate of construction this year is even faster than last year, when 26 CNG stations were added over the full year.

At the end of 2016 it is estimated the count will be around 150 to 160 public CNG stations, and projections to 2030 suggest that number will be 300, as recognized by the government on November 20 when it approved the National Action Plan for clean mobility.

The Czech Gas Association estimates the percentage increase in the consumption of CNG this year is even higher than in the previous 2 years. Also, for the year to November, the number of CNG vehicles increased by more than 3,000, lifting the national fleet to more than 12,000 natural gas vehicles. Growth in the first half of this year exceeded annual growth over the past two years. In 15 years the association predicts the Czech Republic NGV count should reach 250,000 CNG vehicles.

“We want in the next 5 years to increase the number of CNG filling stations by 100, then by 2030 to have a total of 300 stations available to motorists in the Czech Republic and for CNG and LNG fuel to account for at least a ten percent share of fuel consumption in the Czech Republic,” says Jiří  Simek, Vice-Chairman of the Council of the Czech Gas Association (CGA).

“CNG cars today have zero road tax, half the cost of fuel, and are allowed entrance into environmental zones in city centers. under the government-approved National Action Plan. Also being considered for implementation within a year are motorway concessions, faster depreciation for cars, contributions toward vehicle purchase cost and many other advantages,”adds Simek.

The Czech Republic also has 45 cities operating more 820 CNG buses.

(Source: Czech Gas Association)

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