Czech Post Saves USD 2m with CNG Fleet

| Czech Republic, Prague

Czech-Post fleet vehicles 2013 CNGCzech Republic gas trader RWE reports that Czech Post has risen to be amongst companies operating more than one thousand vehicles using environmentally friendly Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fuel. Since 2012, when drivers of the Czech Post started to use CNG vehicles, the fleet of natural gas vehilces (NGVs) has reached 1,042 units, collectively travelling some 50 million kilometers. RWE says financial savings for the period amounts to 50 million (approx. USD 2.06 million).

“Currently that’s a fifth of all cars in our fleet,” says the CEO of the Czech Post Martin Elkana, adding: “The reason is, of course, the responsible approach to the environment and the economic advantage of running cars on CNG.” Czech Post was the first state-owned enterprise fulfilling the objectives of clean mobility.

Czech Post operates its CNG vehicles, especially in big cities, where they contribute to the improvement of the air quality. CNG does not emit particulate matter, currently a major pollution problem in cities throughout Europe. “Prague itself is serviced by more than 200 CNG vehicles,” said Martin Elkana.

RWE explains that the numbers of companies and entrepreneurs interested to add CNG vehicles to their fleets has grown in recent months. “With an increasingly dense refueling network has come increased interest from companies. We report demand is also coming from cities where it is not yet possible to refuel with CNG”, said Jonathan Kaplan, RWE Energy.

(Source: RWE Energy and Czech Post)

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