Curitiba’s Cavo Trials CNG Iveco for Waste Collection

| Brazil, Curitiba | Source: Gazeta do Povo

Iveco tector CNGCavo, a local waste collection company in the city of Curitiba, in southern Brazil, has commenced trialling a Compressed natural gas (CNG)-fueled truck made available by Iveco, reportsĀ Gazeta do Povo. Cavo will compare test outcomes over six months against conventional diesel models, checking performance, durability and pollutant emissions.

Benefits are expected to include 25% less emissions, no sulfur dioxide production, less operational noise and better fuel economy.

Subject to successful trialling over an extensive range of operational conditions including waste collection in steep areas, Cavo plans to acquire a fleet of natural gas vehicles.

The contract manager of Cavo, Romero Tavares Coelho, anticipates the performance of truck with factory-installed CNG fuel system will match that of its diesel equivalents. Performance during the trial will reportedly be assessed by a contracted third party.

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