Cummins Introduces Natural Gas GenSet for CNG Commercial Trucks

| USA, Minneapolis MN

Cummins Onan Genset CNGSmall service truck fleets used by telecommunications companies, utilities, food trucks and other commercial operations concerned with fuel economy and sustainable business practices have been switching to natural gas fuel in North America. Now, thanks to a new generator set introduced by Cummins Onan, they can power their electrical equipment on the job using natural gas as well.

Cummins Onan has introduced a compact new 5.5 kW generator set designed to run on compressed natural gas (CNG) and provide auxiliary electric and optional hydraulic power. These service fleets need auxiliary 120/240-volt power to run power drills, fans, pumps and other equipment, power which until now was available only from gasoline-powered generator sets that required a separate fuel tank.

“The new Series 5500 NG generator set was developed from a line of compact and quiet generators Cummins Onan has supplied to the recreational vehicle market for 15 years,” said Eric Bollensen, an applications engineer with Cummins Onan. “We modified the time-tested engine to suit the needs of natural gas fuel properties while maintaining the engine’s proven performance.” The units are designed to operate continuously for dependable auxiliary power. Under full load the sound level is only 69.0 dB(A) when measured from 10 feet away.

“The demand for natural gas generators is steadily increasing as many corporations look for economic ways to decrease their carbon emissions,” continued Bollensen. In 2014 alone, AT&T and Verizon networks deployed over 8,000 CNG vehicles in their fleets. Many other companies in telecommunications and other fleet operations are also voicing their dedication to decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.

The new Cummins Onan generator produces 5.5 kW at 60 Hz, 120/240 volts, single phase and runs on clean, efficient compressed natural gas. These installed generators provide instant power and the optional convenience of a combined generator/vehicle fuel tank. Recognized as the quietest and lowest vibration generator set in its class, the new unit has an enclosed muffler and exhaust catalysts that help it meet all applicable EPA and CARB air quality standards.

It also features self-diagnosis capability to simplify troubleshooting, and digital voltage regulation for voltage and frequency stability. As an option, the unit is available with a hydraulic PTO to operate small cranes, splicing equipment and bucket hoists, while simultaneously providing electric power.

The new generator set is backed by a two-year limited warranty and a five-year drive warranty and is supported by the Cummins dealer network.

(Source: Cummins Onan)

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