Cummins Africa Sets Up CNG Engine Training Course

| South Africa, Gauteng

Cummins Westport ISL G EngineCummins Africa has added a compressed natural gas (CNG) engine training programme to the courses available at its Kelvin View training facility in Gauteng. The initiative suggests there is growing interest and demand in South Africa for natural gas as a viable fuel for transportation. Trainees will have access to two Cummins Westport ISL G natural gas engines, one for dismantling and rebuilding, and the other for demonstration and technician testing.

The province is home to the nation’s two largest cities, Pretoria (capital) and Johannesburg, and an expanding fleet of public transportation and commercial natural gas vehicles. For example, Metrobus, as the municipal-owned provider of public transport for the city of Johannesburg, last year undertook to convert some of its current diesel buses to Diesel Dual Fuel (DDF) and procure Euro-5 DDF buses. Altogether, 150 CNG buses have been ordered.

This CNG Engine Training Program will provide participants with a further insight into the specific Gas Fuel System and electronics of the L series engine. The practical end test is styled to mirror potential failure modes found in the field.

Upon Completion of the Qualification course, the participants will have achieved the level of competency in maintenance, repair and troubleshooting, conducting failure analysis and repair practices relating to the ISL 8.9 Gas (Compressed Natural Gas & Liquefied Natural Gas) Engine systems to the standard required by Cummins Ltd.

(Source: Cummins Africa)

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