Cryostar Prepares LNG/LCNG station for Picq & Charbonnier

| France, Hésingue
Cryostar LNG/LCNG Netherlands

A Cryostar LNG/LCNG station in The Netherlands (image courtesy of Rolande)

Cryostar, supplier of cryogenic equipment for industrial and natural gas applications, is preparing to hand over a new liquefied natural gas fueling station (LNG) at Auxerre in France, to transport and logistics company Picq & Charbonnier. Cryostar already boasts a long list of LNG/LCNG fueling station references, but the completion of a turnkey, modular and economical station represents a first for an independent carrier.

‘Made in France,’ this LNG/LCNG fueling station will include all the necessary Cryostar equipment for LNG/LCNG transfer and distribution, including 2 LNG dispensers, 2 LCNG dispensers, a system for converting cold liquefied natural gas into high-temperature saturated natural gas, double centrifugal pump skid, high-pressure modular pump and LCNG buffer.

A service and maintenance contract with Cryostar will assist the transporter to better control its operating costs. The station is planned for opening in June. It will service Picq & Charbonnier’s new fleet of seventeen 400hp Iveco LNG-powered tractors.

Cryostar, a member of NGVA Europe, is an international leader in the supply of high-technology cryogenic equipment for applications in the industrial and natural gas sectors, including cryogenic pumps, expansion turbines, onboard and onshore natural gas liquefaction plants, boil-off gas compressors and LNG vaporisers.

(Source: Cryostar)

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