Cryostar New LNG Dispenser 2.0 Designed for HD Vehicle Refueling

| France, Hesingue

Cryostar LNG 2.0 dispenserCryostar, supplier of cryogenic equipment for industrial and natural gas applications, has released a new Liquefied Natural gas (LNG) dispenser, incorporating its know-how in LNG refuelling stations technology and capitalizing on its experience acquired from the design and start-up of more than 90 LNG/LCNG fuelling stations worldwide. The LNG Dispenser 2.0 is claimed to be a world-first, designed for fleet operators and for lorry drivers using LNG as a fuel for their trucks.

The new LNG Dispenser benefits from Cryostar’s latest innovations:

  • Coriolis flowmeter and electronic calculator validated for weights & measures approval according to MID directive: the legal threshold of 1.5% imposed by the European Directive on “Weights and Measures” is not only reached but even exceeded on the Coriolis mass flow meter for LNG.
  • Independent Cryostar CRYOFUELTRONIC™ electronic card: the proprietary CRYOFUELTRONICS™ electronic card is designed to manage the entire automatic refueling process controlling valves and instrumentation for tank venting, flow meter cooling down and vehicle refueling.
    The electronic card ensures a safe refueling process for use in ATEX zone 1 and is fully suitable to be weights and measures approved following the MID directive.
  • The Optional Vent back Coriolis flow measurement device in the vent line calculates precisely the volume of gas transferred and quantifies exactly the mass filled as well as that ‘recovered’ from the truck, making it unique in its kind globally. Until now, the volume of gas ‘vented’ was not accounted for, making this innovation a true value added to the customer and helping to significantly optimize the installation.
  • Enhanced communication with station supervision system using Modbus for communication with PLC and IFSF protocol for communication with payment system. In addition a simple communication mode through a single contact for pump start and stop is available.

Cryostar paid special attention to the ergonomics of the LNG dispenser:

  • Improved design: The design of the dispenser has been improved to be user friendly and is dedicated to LNG refueling. Thanks to the position of the dispenser screen the operator safely stays behind the dispenser during the refueling and is not blocked in-between flexible hoses during refuelling operation. Moreover, the dead-man operation button is placed in such a way that it is easy to handle.
  • Enhanced flexible hose layout: The layout of the flexible hoses has been improved to ensure a longer lifetime. They are now hanging from the top of the dispenser. In addition, a specific support is installed in order to ensure a good bending radius when the nozzle is replaced onto his receptacle.
  • Improved user interface: In order to make the use of the dispenser much more user friendly only one “dead-man” button has to be pushed to start the refueling sequence. There is no other buttons except the Emergency stop Button. The dispenser automatically detects flexible hose disconnection.
    The graphical interface of the screen looks like any standard fuel display with 3 lines for the total weight, total price and price per kg. An additional instruction line shows useful information to the operator and describes each refueling steps. In addition, a fifth line allows for either specific messages or other information, such as a Diesel liter equivalent display.

Safety is paramount when using the dispenser and Cryostar has worked hard to cover aspects such as:

  • The absence of sparks is ensured when connecting and disconnecting the connector to the lorry (earthing).
  • The proper functioning of the air pistol is important when cleaning the connector to remove all traces of ice. When fuelling, the driver is positioned away from surfaces with cryogenic temperatures, where there is a risk of frost bite.
  • Correct positioning of the flexible hoses, the buttons and the clamp, but also the absence of constraints for the operator.
  • Increased service life of the hoses, thanks to their configuration
  • Emergency stop button directly connected to the station control panel allowing a complete shutdown of the station.


  • Short fuelling time: 160l/min (80kg/min)
  • Truck tank higher refuelling capacity: 3min for 450 l tank
  • Refuelling system compatible with every existing trucks models worldwide: 3bar (-150°C Cold LNG) or 8bar (-130°C saturated LNG)
  • Optimization of the refueling level through overshoot function

(Source: Cryostar)

Cryostar is an NGV Global corporate member.

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