CRYO AB to Deliver Marine LNG Fuel System for Tugs

| Sweden, Gothenburg

The Swedish company CRYO AB, manufacturer of cryogenic equipment for the storage, transportation and handling of liquefied gases, will deliver the fuel systems for the world’s first Liquefied Natural Gas powered tug boats. The boats are ordered by the Norwegian marine services company Buksér og Berging AS and will be put into service in late 2013.

Cryo AB LNG tank for tugsThe newly developed LNG Fuel System has been designed to minimize the space needed for installing the system in a boat. With the new compact system also small ships with limited space, such as tug boats, can be designed to operate on LNG.

The volume of the tank unit used in the new design is 86m³. Furthermore the tank is vertical, vacuum insulated and placed centrally in the tug boats. The cold box installation, containing all equipment needed to operate the system, contains two identical systems separated by a barrier wall. This duplication achieves the required 100% redundancy without the need for another separate tank unit.

(Source: Cryo AB)

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