Croatia’s Brodosplit to Build Two LNG-Fuelled Container Ships

| Croatia, Brodosplit

Brodosplit LNG-fuelled container vessel (design image)Croatian shipbuilder Brodosplit Inc. has signed a contract for the construction of two multipurpose container vessels. Propulsion will be delivered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuelled engines manufactured at the Brodosplit diesel engine factory, under license from MAN. The vessels will have low speed 2 stroke “dual fuel” (LNG/HFO) engines that have higher efficiency (lower energy) and work at lower rpm, resulting in lower maintenance costs and longer life span.

The container vessels are expected to have four to five times lower cost per mile than the other ships of this class, and 30-50 times less pollution. LNG was selected as a clean and environmentally friendly fossil fuel, making the vessels more attractive in the global shipping market due to new national and international regulations that prescribe permitted quantities of emissions (NOx, SO2 and CO2) for U.S. and Baltic emission control areas (ECAs) and potentially for other marine regions worldwide.

Thanks to more efficient consumption and superb efficiency, investments in the 2 stroke “dual fuel” engines will be paid out after two to three years of exploitation.

Special tanks for LNG fuel will also be produced at the Brodosplit shipyard. Cutting steel for the first of these two ships is expected in September or October of next year.

Brodosplit shipyard is located in Split, the regional center of the eastern Adriatic coast and the second largest city in Croatia.

(Source: Brodosplit)

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