Croatian Shipbuilder Commences 4 LNG Dual-Fuel Containerships

| Croatia, Split

Brodosplit (Croatia) dual-fuel vessel designShipbuilding Industry Split Inc. (Brodosplit Inc.), based in Split, Croatia has been contracted to build four multipurpose container vessels and has commenced steel cutting for Hulls 476, 477, 478 and 479. The vessel contract is for the company Brodosplit Navigation Ltd. The special feature of these vessels is that they will use LNG fuel (liquefied natural gas), which the company states will make them more attractive in the global shipping market due to new national and international regulations that prescribe the permitted quantities of emissions. 

The ships will be 184.43 meters long, 27.5 meters wide and 15.80 meters high. Their individual deadweight at 10.30 meters draft will be 24 thousand tons, and they will be able to carry 2000 TEU (20 feet/6.1 m long container). 18-knot speed will be secured by engines with power of 11060 kW at 100 revolutions per minute. They are being constructed in accordance with the rules of Germanischer Lloyd in class of DNV GL.

“By building of these ships Shipbuilding Industry Split and Brodosplit-Navigation enter a shipbuilding market niche that will enable sustainable business operation for Split Shipyard, bigger engagement of capacities and acquisition of references for building of ships that will be in higher demand in near future”, Tomislav Debeljak, Brodosplit CEO, pointed out.

The Brodosplit container vessels will have low speed 2 stroke dual-fuel (LNG/HFO) engines that have higher efficiency (lower energy) and work at lower rpm, resulting in lower maintenance costs and longer life span.

Accordingly, Brodosplit claims the container vessels will have four to five times lower cost per mile than other ships of this class and 30-50 times less environmental pollution. Thanks to more efficient consumption and design, the return on investment (ROI) in the dual-fuel engines is expected to be  within two to three years. The engines will be made by the Brodosplit diesel engine factory, under the license from MAN, as well as the special LNG fuel tanks.

(Source: Brodosplit)

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