Crazy Diamond Develops LPDI Gaseous Fuel Technology

| USA, Shelby Township MI
CDP Hot Rod unites CNG and 1933 Ford style

CDP hot rod unites CNG and 1933 Ford style

Crazy Diamond Performance Inc. (CDP) has developed a patent pending system of fuel injection suited to the new-generation Direct Injection (DI) engines, enabling them to be converted to gaseous fuel operation. “We have successfully developed and are currently testing a new method of operation for using gaseous fuels in a DI engine. This patent pending technology injects the gaseous fuels such as, CNG, H2 or LPG, directly into the combustion chamber,” said Kevin Fern President CDP, who has selected the hot rod format to draw attention to the alt-fuel technology.“The CDP LPDI system, will help change the alternative fuel industry, by expanding vehicle offerings and opens previously untapped markets for adaption of alternative fuels,”  Fern added.

Rear-mounted Luxfer Type III CNG cylinders

Rear-mounted Luxfer Type III CNG cylinders

The LPDI system, removes some of the complexity normally associated with the DI engine architecture. Without having the added complexity of high pressure injection or needing to revert back to port injection, the LPDI method can satisfy current OEM engine technology. According to Fleets&Fuels, Fern plans to show a 480-horsepower CNG-fueled ’32 Ford-based vehicle at the Autorama show in Detroit.

CDP is also developing a dedicated natural gas engine for heavy duty applications which will deliver on horsepower and torque while lowering exhaust emissions. Based on the GM LSX® engine architecture, the Torquemaster 6.9L is built for severe duty in applications up to class 6 trucks, cutaway vans and chassis configurations. Availability is expected to be mid to late 2014 with CARB and EPA conformity with a simple three way catalyst, output is expected to be north of 300KW and 700NM torque.

(Source: CDP)

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