Cordoba to Acquire 15 CNG-Powered HD Sanitation Vehicles

| Spain: Cordoba
 truck (not NG) 2018

A recent SADECO acquisition

SADECO S.A., the municipal sanitation company of Cordoba, has taken steps to upgrade its waste management fleet with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Vehicles. The decision follows agreement at a city Plenary session on August 1 that contemplated Financially Sustainable Investments (IFS) for 2018.

According to an article published by ABC Cordoba, the city council has determined to purchase 15 CNG-powered garbage trucks for a maximum value of EUR 5,172,750, VAT included, at an average price of EUR 350k. Specifications include maximum authorized weight of 26 tons and engines of 7.5 litres, with delivery proposed for eight months after signing of contracts.

In total, the IFS this year has EUR 18.8 million for projects, the biggest component of which is allocated for the purchase of vehicles for both SADECO and AUCORSA (the urban bus company of Cordoba), but there are no details published about whether these vehicles will also be CNG-powered.

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