Concrete and CNG a Ready Mix for Ozinga

| USA, Gary IN

Ozinga's Gary CNG Station is open for businessIn midwest USA, Ozinga Ready Mix Concrete, Inc. (Ozinga), is a leading proponent of natural gas as a fleet fuel. This week the company officially opened its third compressed natural gas (CNG) filling station, in Gary, Indiana, attended by more than 100 people. Currently Ozinga has 112 CNG concrete mixers and approximately 30 support vehicle ranging from compact cars, to SUVs, to service vans.

The new station at Gary incorporates the GE CNG-in-a-Box compressor technology. The station is equipped with a dual lane Wayne dispenser fitted with WEH TK17 pistol grip nozzles for the fast-fill (open to the public) and an additional 20 time-fill bays for utilization by Ozinga fleet vehicles. Gas is supplied by Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO).

Tim Ozinga, Director of Communications, told NGV Global: “We have many clientele already utilizing the station including many existing customers from our other stations who are now able to extend their CNG routes now that there is additional infrastructure.”

An American-owned, fourth-generation family business, Ozinga plans a fourth station to be opened in Des Planes IL, anticipated to become operational first quarter 2014. Earlier, stations have been opened in Chicago and Mokena, Illinois.

Kenworth CNG-powered W900S Mixer (Ozinga)“We have a goal to convert our entire fleet to CNG by 2020, with nearly 25% of our fleet converted we are well on our way,” Tim Ozinga added. Ozinga purchased its first CNG-powered concrete mixer in 2011.

“In the last few years we’ve been learning firsthand about the benefits of using compressed natural gas (CNG) as a fuel for our concrete trucks. We have found that it is less costly and burns cleaner than traditional diesel fuel, and as an American made fuel, it helps promote much needed job creation and energy security for the USA.”

(Source: Ozinga)

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