Compagas Now Supplies CNG to 11 Municipalities in Parana

| Brazil, Curitiba | Source: Gás Brasil

Pinhais, in the metropolitan region of Curitiba, has opened its first compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling station, the 36th CNG station to be supplied with fuel by Companhia Paranaense de Gas (Compagas), reports Gás Brasil. With this, the company will supply natural gas to 11 municipalities of Paraná. “Our goal is to bring natural gas to more people and availability of CNG in Pinhais is another step for the company’s growth in the use of this fuel in Parana,” says the CEO of Compagas Luciano Pizzatto.

The Posto Jardim Botânico – Pinhais station will be supplied with natural gas from a regional mother station via truck. The compression is performed in a gas station and is transported in trucks to the station.

Station owner Pedro Millan, reportedly says the beginning of commercialization of CNG in the city can contribute to increasing the fleet of adapted vehicles in the state. “We believe in CNG and also in its future, mainly for economic and environmental advantages it offers. Furthermore, my experience in sales of this fuel is more than seven years, so I feel confidence in opening up a new post in a new market, “says Milan, now owner of four CNG stations.

Market – Compagas distributes natural gas to a total of 36 sites located in seven counties – 23 in Curitiba, one in Campo Largo, in June Pinhais, 2 in Ponta Grossa, 2 in Columbus, one in Paranagua and a Pinhais . In March, the company’s sales for this segment were on average 80,000 cubic meters per day – about 8.3% of total natural gas distributed in the state for approximately 10,000 customers in the commercial, vehicular, residential, industrial, cogeneration and power generation.

There are over 29 000 cars with natural gas in the Brazilian state of Paraná, of which Curitiba is the capital, according to data from the Traffic Department of Paraná (DMV).

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