COMPAC Premium Dispenser Technology

| New Zealand
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Compac - Premium Dispenser TechnologyCompac’s CNG & LPG Dispensers are a result of Compac’s 30 years experience in the worldwide NGV industry.

All critical components of our CNG & LPG dispensers are designed and assembled in our New Zealand factory: from advanced dispenser control, to highly accurate natural gas metering, to complete CNG & LPG dispenser models. Due to this industry leading technology being developed on site, superior quality, cost effectiveness and product performance is guaranteed.

Compac CNG-LPG Dispensers 2016In addition, Compac provides secure fuel management options. Compac’s DCA is a stand alone terminal that works seamlessly with your dispensers to offer secure unattended refuelling, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Combine that with CompacOnline (our secure online database) and you have the flexibility to manage your site remotely, and securely, using any web browser.

Compac’s continual investment into product development and internationally achieved approvals, gives you the confidence to know that Compac products are the perfect choice for safe and secure CNG & LPG refuelling.


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