Compac Brings World Class Fast Fill Technology to India

| India and New Zealand | Source: Compac Industries

Compac 4-hose fast-fill CNG for IGLNatural Gas Vehicles have to wait for a long time at India’s compressed natural gas stations (CNG) as growth in the number of vehicles running CNG has outpaced the rate of expansion in the refuelling stations. The situation is further aggravated by paucity of land for putting up new CNG stations. All that is about to change with a new dispenser designed and manufactured by Compac Industries.

Compac Industries India Ltd, working at the forefront of development in CNG industries in India, has addressed these long-present challenges with the introduction of a four arm fast fill dispenser. Fully complaint with global standards, it is designed in such a way that it still occupies the same space as that of a standard dual hose dispenser, thereby minimising the space requirements in the station forecourt. This is particularly important due to the high cost of land in India’s major cities.

Four vehicles can be filled simultaneously with this dispenser, at increased flow rates. The four arm dispensers ensure higher station efficiency, reducing actual filling time by as much as 25%. The solution is ideal for the 3.1 million natural gas vehicles (NGV) in India, the majority of which are small vehicles.

The first dispenser was supplied to Indraprastha Gas Limited New Delhi and this dispenser has been successfully trialled for a period of one year. The product is now commercially available and is expected to be a game changer for the Indian CNG vehicle market.

Compac - Premium Dispenser TechnologyAll the major components are manufactured in-house by Compac at its New Zealand factory in Auckland. Assembly and testing is done by Compac India at their Delhi facility.

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