Community of Madrid Incentivizes Light NGVs

| Spain: Madrid | Source: La Comunidad de Madrid
SEAT Arona

SEAT Arona

The Community of Madrid, of which the national capital of Spain lies at the heart, has launched a campaign to promote the acquisition of vehicles that work with alternative energies to traditional fuels. The so-called ‘Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan’ (MUS Plan) aims to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollutants, in order to improve air quality and contribute to the energy transition.

This program, endowed with EUR 2 million, is open for applications at the end of this week and until the funds are fully allocated.

Natural Gas Incentive

The MUS is intended for the purchase of privately owned light vehicles powered by alternative energies. It includes incentives of up to EUR 2,500 (USD 2,840) for bi-fuel vehicles (natural gas/gasoline). Additionally, vehicle sellers must accompany the incentive with up to EUR 1,000 euros as an additional discount for the other categories.

The aid of the Community, managed through the Energy Foundation of the Community of Madrid, will depend on the cost of the vehicle, its autonomy and the type of energy used. These subsidies may be used to purchase natural gas vehicles (NGV) that have a maximum sale price of EUR 25,000 euros.

The MUS Plan is another example of the efforts of the Community of Madrid in the promotion of clean mobility. These two million euros for private buyers are complemented by the PIVCEM and PIAM plans of the Community for the renewal of commercial vehicles of SMEs and self-employed workers, offering a complete line of assistance that covers the private and professional group, as well as of the Avalmadrid lines to finance the acquisition of these vehicles.

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