Colton’s Music Comes With Natural Gas

| USA, Oklahoma City OK

The CNG Tahoe provides a clean and economical support act for Colton.

US Singer-songwriter Graham Colton kicks off his Go Natural fall tour in Baton Rouge, La., on Thursday. While his tour celebrates the release of his latest album – Pacific Coast Eyes Vol. 2, Colton is also using the cross-country trip to raise awareness for compressed natural gas (CNG). Colton will be the first high-profile musician to tour the US with a vehicle powered by CNG, a clean-burning fuel that produces up to 90% fewer particle emissions than conventional fuels.

“This tour hits close to home because natural gas is a fuel that’s produced in my home state,” said Colton. “Driving a CNG vehicle gives me the opportunity to do my part in limiting my eco-footprint, as well as raising awareness about America’s dependence on foreign oil. Through this tour, I hope to show my fans that switching to CNG not only frees us from oil imports, but also makes a powerful impact in the battle to curb carbon emissions.”

Throughout the tour, Colton will document his experience driving a CNG Tahoe as a featured contributor to, a social network and information hub for people who drive CNG vehicles or are interested in learning more about the economic and environmental benefits of natural gas vehicle technology.

“Musicians know that it’s not cheap to go on tour,” said Colton. “That’s another perk to driving a CNG vehicle – I’ll be cutting my fuel costs in half. I’ve toured in everything, from a van to a tour bus to a plane, but this CNG car will be my most economical ride yet.”

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