Colombia Reports on Growth of Heavy Duty NGVs

| Colombia: Bogotá D.C. | Source: Asociación Colombiana de Gas Natural en Colombia

Colombia tractomula (image by Naturgas)The president of the Colombian Association of Natural Gas – Naturgas, Orlando Cabrales Segovia, delivered figures on the estimated growth of dedicated heavy duty vehicles powered by natural gas at the international mobility event: Latam Mobility Summit Medellín 2019.

“We will end the year with 109 tractor-trailers that will run on Colombian highways, reducing particulate matter pollution by almost 100% and carbon dioxide emissions by 30%. In addition, this will represent savings for their companies of more than 35% in transportation costs,” explained Cabrales Segovia.

There are currently 14 tractor-trailers operating in Colombia from companies based in Antioquia, Bogotá, Bolívar and Valle del Cauca, and over the next few months 95 additional cargo trucks are expected to come into operation.

“The pilots carried out in our geography and the experience of the last months have ratified that the vehicles dedicated to natural gas, in addition to the environmental and economic benefits, present an adequate performance even in the Colombian mountainous zones”, explained the president of the association.

Naturgas also revealed the projections of other dedicated vehicles for this year:

current vehicles new vehicles that will enter in 2019
passenger transport 839 536
lorries 89 52
tractor trucks 14 95
tippers 1 2

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