CNH Industrial Discusses NGVs in Tel Aviv; Haifa Orders

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CNH Industrial N.V., together with its sister company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), took part in the fifth edition of the Fuel Choices & Smart Mobility Summit, held on October 31 and November 1 in Tel Aviv, Israel. The 2017 edition of the Summit helped to demonstrate that a revolution in the sectors of transport and industry is taking place at a global level thanks to clean and accessible vehicles as well as the transition towards alternative power systems. 

At the event, the two Companies illustrated the latest results related to their activities surrounding the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed in February 2015 between FCA, IVECO (the global commercial vehicles brand of CNH Industrial), Magneti Marelli (the automotive components arm of FCA) and the Israel Fuel Choices & Smart Mobility Initiative, a national Israeli program for alternative fuels in transportation coordinated by the Prime Minister’s Office. This MoU established a co-operation between the parties to develop alternative fuel and natural gas-based technologies.

The Government of Israel has set an objective to establish the country as an alternative fuels knowledge hub. Within this context, the Fuel Choices & Smart Mobility Summit represents a unique occasion to incentivize discussions on the most advanced and forward-looking transport strategies and future business models. The success of the Summit is backed up by its numbers: 400 dedicated meetings with 500 participating companies and start-ups, 2,000 participants, including researchers and speakers from the automotive, industrial and energy sectors, from over 30 countries.

Michele Ziosi, Head of Institutional Relations for Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific, spoke on behalf of CNH Industrial. His speech touched on the many sectors in which the application of natural gas can prove effective from agriculture (the new methane powered concept tractor from New Holland Agriculture) to transport, where the Company counts a running parc of over 22,000 natural gas-powered commercial vehicles and buses in circulation throughout Europe.

The methane powered concept tractor from New Holland Agriculture

On August 29, New Holland Agriculture, a global agricultural equipment brand of CNH Industrial, held the world premiere of its new methane powered concept tractor, re-confirming the Company’s commitment to sustainability. This concept positions the tractor as a fundamental part of a virtuous cycle: The Energy Independent Farm™, a farm of the future which will be completely independent in terms of energy, being able to heat its own buildings and power its machines.

The engine powering this new concept is engineered by FPT Industrial, the CNH Industrial powertrain brand dedicated to engines and transmissions. It can run on methane and biomethane – methane that can be produced from waste and agricultural waste – offering equivalent power and range with that from conventional engines. In a few years, this model could very well carry out its first practical applications in agricultural markets around the world, including Israel.

IVECO vehicles for the city of Haifa

In 2015, the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection approved €4M (USD 4.66M) in financing to renew the city of Haifa’s fleet of heavy trucks. Being one of the country’s most industrialized cities, Haifa faces considerable environmental challenges. The decision was therefore taken to invest in vehicles running on compressed natural gas (CNG). Included within the costs of transitioning to CNG vehicles is the construction of a dedicated fueling station.

Following a tender process conducted by the city of Haifa, IVECO was granted the supply contract for the first 18 units this past June. The fleet consists of Stralis NP (Natural Power) heavy trucks from 18 to 26 tons that are powered by CNG. The vehicles are to be used for waste collection, the loading and unloading of goods and other environmental services. This is Israel’s largest ever order for natural gas vehicles, the first important result stemming from the signing of the aforementioned MoU.

IVECO Plans for Low-Emission Mobility

A recognized international leader in alternative fuel commercial vehicles, IVECO was the first to acknowledge the potential of natural gas in the commercial transport industry, anticipating the recommendations put forth at the last G20 Energy 2016 summit held in Beijing, China. During that occasion, natural gas was recognized as a low-emitting fossil fuel which plays an important and effective role in the future of energy, one that is characterized by low levels of greenhouse gases.

Furthermore, IVECO had the foresight to anticipate “A European Strategy for Low-Emission Mobility”, a package of measures from the European Union published in 2016, which identifies the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG) for heavy trucks as strategic move for Europe. In fact, some of Europe’s largest transport providers, including Jost Group with a 500-strong order and Jacky Perrenot Group with an order for 250 units, have put their trust in IVECO and the Stralis NP for their fleets.

A few days ago, the brand presented its new Stralis NP 460. Classed as the most sustainable heavy long-haul truck ever, it can reach up to 1,600 kilometers running on LNG. The Stralis NP 460 is fitted with the most powerful pure gas engine on the market, the Cursor 13 Natural Gas engineered by FPT Industrial and protected by two patents.

Source: CNH Industrial N.V.

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