CNGci Plans 500 Liter CNG Cylinder for 2012

| USA, Malibu CA

CNG Cylinders International Type 3

CNG Cylinders International (CNGci), a supplier of CNG cylinders to the North American market, is initiating production of what it describes as the world’s largest diameter Type 3 CNG cylinder.  The Type 3 (forged aluminum liner, carbon fiber wound) cylinder is manufactured in California and is typically mounted on pickups and on heavy duty trucks. The forged 22.5″x 61″ seamless Al 6061 liner holds twice the volume of a typical 16″x 60″ cylinder.

Volumes currently available are 300 liter (25.5 GGE & 22.6 DGE) to 400 liter (34.2 GGE & 30.0 DGE). “An increasing amount of customers are demanding additional fuel storage capacity to maximize range which lead us to the development of a 500 liter cylinder”, states Siegfried Rivalta, CNGci’s president. The company plans to expand production capacity in 2012 to include the 500 liter unit; each cylinder will weigh about 200 kgs.

“CNGci differentiates itself from other companies by being the only manufacturer to develop a forged liner technology through design, and by investing heavily in research and development to offer the highest quality cylinders”, states Randolf Wollgiehn, Marketing Manager of CNGci.

All cylinders are NGV 2-2007 and FMVSS-304, DOT certified and thus meet all of the US market requirements. Thus far, CNGci only produces Type 3 cylinders.

“There hasn’t been a better time for the CNG business in America,” says Rivalta. The company also anticipates interest in their large volume product range from the European market.

CNGci is also the exclusive distributor of Inflex brand Type 1 (steel) CNG cylinders for vehicular and mobile storage applications in the US. Inflex is a product of Argentoil S.A. of Argentina.

(This article compiled using information supplied by CNG Cylinders International)

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