CNG Vehicles Featured at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show

| Canada, Woodstock ON

Canada's Outdoor Farm Show featured NGVsCanada’s Outdoor Farm Show (COFS) is no stranger to natural gas vehicles, with a range of CNG trucks featuring in the New Fuels/New Trucks Expo again this year. Both light and heavy trucks from companies such as Ford, GM, Chrysler, Volvo and Peterbilt headlined the event to showcase the new technologies available.

The Canadian Energy Expo (CEE) takes place during COFS and focuses on green energy. The New Fuels/New Trucks Expo showcases new developments from truck manufacturers, including compressed natural gas technology, and was a part of the CEE, attended by 42,900 attendees on over 100 acres in 2013.

CNG-powered vehicles can create considerable fuel savings for users. The increasing availability of refueling stations added to attendees’ interest in learning about new pickup truck models and available conversion kits. CNG equipment can also be adapted to run on biomethane created on the farm with an anaerobic digester, making fuel both widely available and an attractive option for a farming audience.

Four Corners Poultry of Staffa, Ontario already used CNG in their poultry barns, and “the addition of a compressor to fuel our pick up trucks just made economic sense” said owner Jamie Brock. Now, CNG is used to power their personal fleet of farm vehicles.

Canada Outdoor Farm Show Sep2013This annual event will include opportunity for ride-and-drive of CNG vehicles in 2014. It has already been determined that 2014 CEE will feature natural gas vehicles and their economic benefit to agriculture. CNG engine kits for vehicles and farm equipment as well as renewable natural gas (RNG) applications for agricultural operations able to produce biomethane from anaerobic digesters will be a main focus for the Expo. The New Fuels/New Trucks Expo will be sponsored by Peterbilt.

(Source: Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show)

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