CNG Station Opens at Olomouc, Czech Republic

| Czech Republic, Ostrava

CNG Station at Olomouc (Vitkovice)Czech engineering group Vitkovice Machinery Group (VMG) has opened another Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) filling station. It is located in Olomouc, just three kilometers from the highway R35, on the Ostrava – Brno route.

The CNG station is co-located with a station of the Benzina network, the largest network of filling stations in the Czech Republic, and therefore provides motorists the same level of comfort they are used to when fueling conventional fuels.

The current price of CNG at the station is only 24.9 CZK (USD 1.06) per kilogram. VITKOVICE plans to deploy another CNG station directly on the D1 motorway, the main highway of the country and which connects Prague and Brno.

According to the Czech Gas Association, by the end of 2015 there will be 150-160 public CNG stations in the country.

Source: Vitkovice Machinery Group

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