CNG Station Growth Surging in France

| France, Paris
Endesa-Sigeif CNG station at Bonneuil-sur-Marne

Endesa-Sigeif CNG station at Bonneuil-sur-Marne

AFGNV, France’s Natural Gas Vehicle Association, reports there will be 85 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) filling stations open in the country by the beginning of 2018, up from the 50 CNG stations operating today. AFGNV member ENDESA also advised the association it intends to open three new stations in 2017.

AFGNV says that to date, there are 15 CNG station projects identified on its map. It has also been informed of a total 20 new projects planned for 2017, but can not for reasons of confidentiality declare their locations.

(Source: AFGNV)

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