CNG Source to Launch Operations in Mexico

| USA, Houston TX

CNG Source - dispensersIndiana-based CNG Source is following a record sales year in the U.S. with its first international move, selecting Monterrey, Mexico as the starting point for it’s eventual move into other Latin American markets. Mexico’s recent energy industry reform, geographical proximity and fast growing market have influenced CNG Source’s decision.

The Mexican branch will operate under the “CNG-Source-Mexico” brand, and will report to the marketing and business development department located in Houston, Texas.

The Company’s products and solutions consist of a variety of equipment and services ranging from CNG Dispensers, CNG Compressors, and complete CNG stations for the NGV market that include the new line of CNG Dispensers which the company will be imminently launching and announcing. For the industrial segment in Mexico, CNG Source will be offering its high performance solutions for the virtual or mobile pipeline market which is mostly intended to serve large industrial and institutional energy users not connected to a pipeline.

(Source: CNG Source)

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