CNG-Powered Dutch Ferry A European First

| The Netherlands, Texel/Nieuwegein

TexelstroomThe Texelstroom, a ferry operated by Dutch shipping firm TESO, is now operating using CNG (compressed natural gas), a first in Europe. TESO ships 2 million passengers and approximately 600.000 vehicles from the city of Den Helder to the island of Texel annually. By switching to CNG, the Texelstroom is now more sustainable, cleaner, and will reduce its fuel consumption.

Cees de Waal, director at TESO: “The first week on CNG is a milestone for us. By using CNG we will reduce harmful emissions and are taking an important step to make shipping more sustainable.” Royal N.V. Texels Eigen Stoomboot Onderneming (TESO) has been operating the ferry service between Den Helder and Texel since 1907.

Safety First

The ferry is the result of a collaboration between TESO and several partners including clean fuel supplier PitPoint. The project had a dual goal: to make the ship as sustainable, clean and economical as possible, whilst also guaranteeing a safe and reliable connection to the mainland. Moreover, the ferry has also been technically equipped to run on Biomethane, which is even more sustainable and cleaner than CNG.

Other contributors to the project include Lloyd’s Register, C-Job, LaNaval, Compressor System Holland, and Umoe.

Sustainable CNG

TESO’s selection of a cleaner fuel was partly based on the analysis of practical data coming from PitPoint’s refueling stations for CNG and LNG (liquefied natural gas). The positive impact on the environmental performance demonstrated by this study was an important reason for TESO to consider both fuels more carefully. The operational reliability, combined with the fuel supply logistics and shipping pattern ultimately pointed in favor of CNG. Furthermore, the choice for CNG will enable TESO to make the switch to the 100% renewable fuel Biomethane in the future.

Unique Project

Whilst in the canals of Amsterdam there are a number of sightseeing tour boats that already run on natural gas, a project of this size and scale – with a ship that can transport 340 cars and 1.750 passengers – is a first in Europe.

In the project, PitPoint took on the entire engineering, building, and exploitation of the Biomethane/CNG bunkerstation that will be used to refuel the Texelstroom. Jan Theo Hoefakker, managing director public transport: “This extensive project was able to succeed only as all parties were willing to enter in a completely open dialogue to find the best possible solution. This has been a unique project because of the transparent communication and collaboration.”

PitPoint, a member of NGVA Europe, is an independent market leading provider of alternative fuels in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. It provides clean fuel solutions, being CNG (compressed natural gas including Biomethane), LNG (liquefied natural gas), hydrogen (H2) and electricity to its customers in road and marine transport. PitPoint actively supports and increases the use of alternative fuels to achieve 100% clean and affordable mobility in 2030.

Source: Pitpoint

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