CNG-Powered Chauffeur Service for Bundestag Members

| Germany, Berlin | Source: erdgas mobil GmbH

Mercedes-Benz E Class fleet vehicles outside the Bundestag

In Berlin, 37 new Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedans powered with biomethane have been presented for the chauffeur-driven service of members of Germany’s parliament (Bundestag), executed by service-providerRocVin Services GmbH, reports erdgas mobil GmbH. The addition of these vehicles to RocVin’s fleet lifts natural gas vehicles (NGVs) to 25% of the total fleet. Erdgas Mobil says the new NGVs emphasise Germany’s commitment to promote the use of natural gas and biomethane as clean alternative fuels.

Martin Burkert, a member of the German Bundestag SPD Group on the Committee on Transport, Building and Urban Development, explained “We are committed to continuing the incentives provided for natural gas fuel, even continuing the tax provisions for natural gas after 2018.”

Dr. Timm Kehler, manager of erdgas mobil GmbH, said: “The price advantage of natural gas as fuel at the pump is unfortunately not obvious at first glance, the reason being deceptive pricing. If you convert natural gas to the energy content of a liter of premium gasoline, the equivalent price is 0.65 to 0.70 € (USD 91-98 cents) per liter.”

Fuelled with biomethane the E-Class Mercedes-Benz produces only 38 grams CO 2 per kilometer, bringing the entire chauffeur fleet CO 2 emissions down to just 120 g / km. The renewable fuel is produced from waste materials in Germany and transported through the natural gas network to service stations.

Metropolitan Berlin has an extensive network of natural gas filling stations, 27 in total. Nationwide there are 901 services stations, 160 of which are delivering biomethane in percentages ranging from 10 to 100 percent.

(This article compiled using information from an erdgas mobil GmbH press release)

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