CNG-Hybrid Ferry Adds Corvus Energy Storage

| Canada, Spain, Netherlands

CNG Hybrid 'Texelstroom' Ferry The new CNG-hybrid ferry being built for Dutch ferry operator TESO has taken another step toward completion with the awarding of the energy storage contract to Canadian company Corvus Energy. The Texelstroom, being built by LaNaval in Spain, will run between Texel, the largest and most visited of the Wadden Sea islands, and the Netherlands mainland.

Texelstroom is a new generation vessel for the transportation of up to 1,750 persons and 350 vehicles. Powered by either low sulfur (bio) diesel or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), she will also have over 700 square meters of solar panels to reduce her dependence on fossil fuels. The ferry’s advanced energy management system will utilize 252 Corvus Energy AT6500 48V lithium ion modules.

Mr. Cees de Waal, Directeur, TESO, explained, “TESO’s investment in Texelstroom shows our ongoing commitment to increasing efficiency in our systems. These efficiencies will not only benefit the company and customers in terms of reduced costs, but also the environment in terms of reduced emissions.”

(Source: Corvus Energy)

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