CNG Garbage Trucks for Tarnow’s Ancient Streets

| Poland, Tarnow

Tarnow's Mayor signs the donation agreement

The city of Tarnow, in Poland’s southeast, will soon have compressed natural gas (CNG)-powered garbage trucks servicing its historical inner city streets, thanks in part to the donation of funds for its first truck by Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo (PGNiG), the Polish state-controlled oil and natural gas company. The donation, of PLN 260,000 (USD 98,100), will be matched by the city to purchase a second garbage truck.

The trucks are small, providing greater versatility in the narrow streets of the old town, and the reduced emissions will be less burdensome for local citizens. Additionally, the lighter vehicles will reduce degradation of streets in this historical sector of Tarnow.

The city will also benefit from the reduced operational costs due to lower fuel prices. If the pilot project is successful, more CNG-powered vehicles will be purchased, says Mayor Ryszard Ścigała.

This item compiled using information from a City of Tarnow press release.

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