CNG Fuel Sustains Passenger Transportation in Morelia

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Gaseco gas conversion advert

Gaseco promotes CNG conversion

Residents of the State of Michoacán on Mexico’s west coast has been stimulated by the shortage of gasoline to look for fuel alternatives. Over the past year more than 1100 public transport vehicles have switched to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) in the metropolitan area of Morelia, the state’s capital city.

Apart from supply the cost factor is also persuasive – up to 45% cheaper than gasoline, the local news source reports. Bus and taxi companies and operators that have converted their vehicles to natural gas have thus gained a two-fold advantage: the ability to continue to provide ongoing passenger services while also being able to quickly offset the cost of conversion.

Gaseco and Gas Natural Uruapan (GNU) are two companies promoting the sustainable development of the Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) market in Mexico. They both operate a refueling stations in Morelia.

The support of the Coordinating Committee of Public Transportation in the State (COCOTRA) has been fundamental to the success of this transition by granting the permits necessary to allow a prototype unit to work on the public transportation routes and thus demonstrate the efficiency and benefits.

COCOTRA also recognised early the benefits from adoption of CNG. Apart from the cost benefit, there is also a significant reduction in CO2 emissions and a 100% of particulate matter (PM less than 2.5 and 10 microns).

A program is being deployed for the construction of a network of natural gas service stations and the conversion of both public and private vehicles through a financing plan granted by the different companies, including Gaseco and GNU.

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