CNG Fuel Access Improves for Yangon

| Myanmar, Yangon | Source: Myanmar Times

Yangon, a former capital of Burma and the capital of Yangon Region in Myanmar, has recently imposed restrictions on the types of vehicles able to operate in the city, thereby limiting access to in-city Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fuel stations. The Ministry of Energy has reportedly responded to demands for increased fuel access by approving the opening of a CNG filling station at Htaukkyant, approximately 35 kilometres north of the city.

According to the Myanmar Times article, U Minn Minn Oo, deputy director of local and foreign information for the Ministry of Energy, told the media, “This new station is especially for vehicles operating in the suburbs, primarily minibuses and Hiluxes in Bago, Hmawbi, Hlegu and Taikkyi.” Hilux pick-ups, used to transport passengers, are banned from the city precincts.

More than 1 million cubic feet of gas has been set aside for Hilux and other minibuses and trucks, the ministry said, adding that the new 24/7 CNG natural gas station will open for business on May 30. It will have capacity to refuel 8 vehicles at a time.

“CNG is already available in the city. We are meeting the request of vehicle owners outside Yangon. Hiluxes can’t enter Yangon because the Yangon City Development Committee and Ma Hta Tha (the Supervisory Committee for Motor Vehicles) don’t allow them to run in the city,” he said. Hmawbi-Yangon trucks are also restricted from city access. The limitations are part of the government’s efforts to reduce accidents and control traffic in a bustling city of more than 6 million people.

The Myanmar Times reports there are 26,849 natural gas vehicles in operation there: 15,585 petrol vehicles, 9078 diesel vehicles and 509 LPG-fuelled vehicles which have been converted to natural gas use since 2014, and 1677 imported natural gas vehicles.

The distribution and retail of CNG fuel is directly controlled by government companies in Myanmar.

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