CNG Conversion Collaboration in US Leads to Package for Mercedes 906 Engine


Sunny DeWakar, CEO of NGV Motori, USA and Dean Sloane, Founder and Managing Director of Clean Vehicle Solutions, LLC (CVS), are collaborating to meet the needs of the rapidly expanding demand for vehicles powered by compressed natural gas (CNG). Already they have successfully engineered, fabricated and installed the first EPA-certified, dedicated diesel to CNG conversion package for the medium duty Mercedes 906 6.4 liter engine.

In addition to the Mercedes (or Detroit Diesel) 906 engine for model years 2003 – 2009, the NGV Motori, USA/CVS’s partnership is also making available an EPA-certified, CNG Dedicated Conversion for the Ford E 450 Super duty 6.8L V10 engine and the E350 Super Duty 5.4L gas engine.  Models created between 2005 thru 2010 are eligible for conversion.

NGV Motori, part of the NGV Motori family of companies headquartered in Reggio Emilia, Italy has pioneered CNG technology and systems development for more than 30 years. CVS is a full service, end-to-end CNG solutions provider supporting fleet operations with extensive production, maintenance & training services coupled with fueling infrastructure development, financing, and maintenance. Their collaboration acknowledges the rapid expansion of both the light- and heavy-duty CNG vehicle markets in the United States.

According to DeWakar: “This initial collaboration between our two companies is only the beginning.  We fully expect NGV Motori, USA and CVS to lead the industry in a full-spectrum of CNG vehicle services well into the future.”

Dean Sloane agrees. “We are extremely pleased with this first step and look forward to expanding NGV Motori and CVS collaboration and partnership to build a national presence.  Fleets across the country using these conversion systems are already coming out of our fabrication and production facilities and CVS is spearheading the development of private and public fueling infrastructure.”

(This article primarily compiled using information from a Clean Vehicle Solutions, LLC  press release)

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